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Crawling Insect - Ticks

Tick Control Experts in Geelong

Welcome to Pest Patrol Geelong, an Expert provider of comprehensive service for tick removal with great effectiveness. Ticks are serious health threats posed to humans and pets, and to ensure a pest-free home, we have an all-rounder, customized solution for you to make your place safe.

Ticks cannot survive without sunshine because they enjoy warmth, a lot of it in the sun of Australia. Do not struggle alone with an infestation. We assist you with our professional tick control and tick prevention services. With our experienced personnel, we shall be able to determine the kind of tick present and undertake tick pest control treatment aiming at eliminating the pests that affect you specifically on your species. After tackling the ticks, you will then look for preventive measures that can keep them away!

Expert Ticks Control Geelong


To begin our expert tick prevention services, the technician will first come to look at your property to check if there is any infestation and what kind it is before a tick treatment. Finally, they suggest the best tick control approach. In most cases, you should remove your furry friends’ ticks as well as those on you and our professional must be informed. Then, let your children and furry friends stay away from the house, at least until work is over.

Finally, we request you concentrate your efforts on tick avoidance. It requires a tick-check of every person and pet once a day, after being outside. We fix leaks and make sure you put covers on those holes or cracks to keep out these tiny insects in your homestead. That’s among the good ways one should follow after we have offered you your tick control service!



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Residential Tick Control

Tick control services are specifically designed for your home. We use specialised approaches that effectively build a wall of protection outside for ticks who are known to survive well in outdoor surroundings.
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Pet-Friendly Tick Treatments

We appreciate that you want your pets safe from ticks. We have a pet-friendly tick treatment that can eliminate any tick biting at your dogs or cats with no side effects.

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Commercial Tick Prevention Management

Ticks are present in various business establishments such as businesses, parks, and outdoor venues. We offer holistic tick control solutions that address the unique requirements of individual businesses.

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Tick Prevention Plans

Prevention is important since health risks can be prevented by avoiding ticks. We can develop tailored programs specific to your property and include routine checks, directed interventions, and education to sustain security.

What makes us Tick Removal Experts?

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Local Expertise:

We understand tick problems that are native to this region as a local Geelongs-based business. Our team knows indigenous tick types and strategies to control the infestation.

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Certified Technicians:

Every job is manned with certified tech who brings loads of experience. Training is a continuous process and we have maintained the recent developments in the tick control to ensure we offer our customers the best services.

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Safe and Effective Solutions:

The safety of your family, pets, and the environment is our top priority. Our tick control treatments are safe and effective.

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Customer Education:

We have useful data regarding tick biology, habitat alteration strategies, and prevention techniques for you to use in making proper choices on securing your property.

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Commonly Asked Questions

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How Do You Avoid Ticks?

When outdoors, you should be cautious of bushy and wooded areas as these are where they normally become very active and therefore pose a greater threat for their bite. During your hike, always follow the centre of the trails. Insect repellents are another option for protection as well when outdoors. It is also advisable that one gets a tick inspection from Pest Patrol Geelong and if they are there around, then it will be clear that they are in the yard and hence need to be cleared off.

Once you identify a tick at your place, what is the best course of action to take?

You must remove any tick so as not to transmit any of those diseases. When this happens to you, notice the possible after effects like joint pain or swellings, muscle pains, headache among others, and also a high temperature. Contact us and we will pick up a convenient time to see your property and find out whether there are any ticks and how best to destroy the intruders.

Where Do Ticks Usually Hide?

They dwell in woody zones or bushes as well as grasslands. Nevertheless, most wild animals will carry them on their bodies. Similarly, do not be startled by seeing them near your house.’); Thus, tick elimination becomes so essential!



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