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Hire Our Wasps Control Service And Improve Hygiene In Your Surrounding!

Wasps can bring infection to your surroundings. A wasp bite results in a burning sensation, and some result in allergic reactions. So, if you are worried about wasps infestation, it’s time to invest in our wasps control service. We will make sure that they will never return back into your property.

So, you no longer have to deal with wasps; Pest Patrol Geelong will take charge of eradicating them from your surroundings. We will examine each corner of your property to locate their breeding areas. Hence, we assure you that we provide a holistic pest control service.

We Follow Eco-Friendly and Safety Practices To Remove Wasps!


We follow eco-friendly treatment methods to remove or kill wasps. We also keep in mind the safety practices to not cause any potential of your property and your family members. We will securely carry out the process and give you a hygienic environment to live in.

Our team has great years of experience in dealing with wasp invasions. No matter how serious the situation may be, we will apply the right methods and techniques to remove them from your space.


Let Our Experts Help You With All-Round Solutions!

We have a fully trained professional wasps killer team to offer our all-round solutions. We will be available to respond to your pest control needs 24/7. Our advisory team is always available to schedule an appointment by phone or email. Our clients will receive a prompt reply within 24 hours. In emergencies, we prioritise the tasks. So, you can reach out to get our wasps control team.


Here’s How We Will Help You With Our Wasps Control Method!

We follow a stepwise method to make a building free of wasp invasion. Check out our procedure below.

Inspection of Wasp Eggs and Nests

First, we will inspect your entire property to find wasp nests and eggs. After locating the areas, we will mark them for further application of chemical treatments.


Wasps Treatment

After investigation, we will spray the chemicals in the necessary areas to eradicate the nests and eggs. Eventually, we will kill the adult wasps.

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Prevention Methods

Finally, we will take preventive measures to make sure the wasps don’t return to the property again.

Get Our Effective Wasps Removal Service at the Best Value!

We offer effective wasps removal services with affordable solutions. We will reach your property on time to help you get rid of the wasps.
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Instant Wasps Removal

We offer a superfast wasps removal service without any delay in the process.

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Guaranteed Service

We guarantee 100% wasps removal on the first day of treatment itself.

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Same-Day Wasps Removal Service

We offer same-day services of wasps control in Geelong in case of emergencies.


All Round Solutions

We offer our clients all-round solutions with necessary care and precautions.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Wasps Control Service

Here are the frequently asked questions regarding the wasp invasion and our pest control service. Check out the below section to get the necessary information.
Do you have a separate service package for wasps control?

All our service packages are included in our general pest control plans. But, in case any extra treatment is required, the price will vary. Contact us to get a quote.

What products do you use in wasps control services?

We use advanced chemical treatments and equipment that are certified, safety-assured and quality-checked.

Is your pest control service available 24/7 to book appointments?

Yes, we are available 24/7 to book appointments and schedule our visits.

How many days will it take to get rid of wasps?

We usually eradicate the wasps on the first day itself. But, based on the infestation stage, the process may take a few days.

How do you decide which treatment is applicable?

During our initial inspection, we found out the severity of the wasp invasion. Based on the survey, we apply the right treatment.

Are your wasp exterminators licensed and bonded?

Yes, all our exterminators are licensed and bonded. We hire candidates who hold a licence and have relevant years of experience.

Are your pest control techniques safe for humans?

Yes, our techniques, sprays, gel powders and other chemical solutions are considered safe for humans and pets.

Do I need to prepare my property before the control treatment?

Yes, a cleaned property will be helpful for our team to locate the wasp’s nests and spray the treatments.

Does your service guarantee a wasp-free home?

Our wasp control techniques will definitely meet all your expectations. We are dedicated to offering A1 services to our customers.

Will you give us advice to prevent wasps further?

Yes, we are always ready to give your advice regarding basic treatment and maintenance to prevent wasps.



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