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Possum Removal Solutions, Signs and Control

Possum infestation is an ongoing and widespread problem for homeowners across many regions. These nocturnal marsupials, notorious for their adaptability and opportunism, can make themselves home in urban and suburban environments, creating numerous issues. 

Possums can become unwanted visitors in our homes, from raiding trash cans and damaging gardens to creating disturbances during the night and creating noise disruptions. Furthermore, their presence poses serious health risks due to diseases and parasites they transmit. 

Signs of Possum Infestations


Recognizing signs of possum infestation is essential to taking immediate steps for possum pest control. Homeowners may notice damage in their gardens caused by feedings from these nocturnal critters that feed on fruits, vegetables, and ornamental plants as well as electrical wires or wooden structures they chew through; and droppings resembling small dark pellets around affected areas provide further proof that the presence of these creatures.

Possum urine’s distinct aroma and musky fragrance can quickly permeate any area where they inhabit, acting as evidence. Nesting materials such as leaves, twigs, and debris often accumulate in attics or crawl spaces where possums take refuge. At the same time, their sightings during twilight hours could also serve as definitive proof.


Dangers of Possum Infestations

Possums may carry diseases like leptospirosis that can be transmitted through contact with urine and carry fleas and ticks that infest homes, creating health hazards to both humans and pets alike. Furthermore, they can become aggressive when startled or cornered, leading to bites or scratches. Proper handling and prevention measures must be in place to minimize these dangers.

Ways to Prevent Possum Infestations

Effectively preventing possums from invading your property and causing infestations requires a multifaceted approach. Here are some helpful strategies for possum removal that may deter them:
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Secure Trash Bins

Possums are attracted to food sources present; therefore, use tight-fitting lids on trash cans and store them in an easily accessible area like a garage or shed for safekeeping.


Remove Attractants

Avoid leaving pet food, birdseed, or fallen fruits around that might attract possums to your yard.


Seal Entry Points

Inspect your home for possible entryways such as holes, gaps, or vents allowing access to possums. Seal any that exist to prevent them from coming inside.

Range of Possum Pest Control Methods

Various strategies for possum removal in Geelong are available to control possum infestations and meet local regulations. Here are some effective possum control methods:

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To prevent possums from entering, seal all potential entryways effectively by sealing all entry points to prevent access points from being identified and blocked as potential accessways.

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Humane Traps for Relocation

Humane traps can capture possums without harming them and safely relocate them elsewhere once captured.

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Frightening Devices

Motion-activated lights, noisemakers, or sprinklers can help deter and scare away possums when approaching your property.


Natural Deterrents

Utilizing natural repellents like ammonia-soaked rags, predator urine, or chili powder may make your property less appealing to possums.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Professional wildlife managers with experience should conduct any possum removal activities to ensure human and possum safety.

What signs indicate an infestation on my property?

Signs of possum infestation on the property include night noises, damage to gardens, droppings, and the characteristic musky scent of possum urine.

Are possums harmful to humans and pets?

Possums can carry diseases and parasites that are potentially dangerous, so it is wise to avoid direct contact with them and ensure all pets have received up-to-date vaccinations.

Am I allowed to remove possums myself?

To ensure humane and safe removal while complying with local regulations regarding possum control, professional help should always be sought to remove possums from the property.

Which methods are employed in possum removal?

Common approaches include exclusion, trapping, and relocation. Humane traps can be employed, while professionals can ensure safe removal.

Possums may be protected species in some regions, so always review local laws and regulations before trying removal and consult wildlife authorities as appropriate.

How can I prevent possums from returning to my property?

To ward off potential returnees, preventive measures include securing trash bins, sealing entry points, and trimming trees while removing attractants such as fallen fruits.

Will possum repellents work?

While repellents may sometimes work, their success varies – natural products like ammonia-soaked rags may work better. At the same time, commercial products may also provide some relief, although results can differ between uses.

Where can I find professional possum removal help?

For professional removal services of possum infestations, look for licensed wildlife removal or pest control professionals experienced in handling them. Getting local recommendations or consulting online directories may help immensely in this search process.


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