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Crawling Insects - Millipedes

Millipedes Pest Control by Pest Patrol Geelong

Your Trusted Solution for Millipede Infestations
It can be disconcerting to discover that millipedes have infested your home. These tiny creatures, while harmless, can quickly become a nuisance. At Pest Patrol Geelong, we understand the significance of effective millipede pest control. Therefore, we have designed our dedicated services to address millipede infestations promptly and efficiently.
Millipedes, with their numerous legs and distinctive appearance, often make homeowners uneasy. We recognise the need for swift action when it comes to these pests. At Pest Patrol Geelong, our team has the knowledge and tools to tackle millipede infestations, providing you with peace of mind. Australia, being home to approximately 2000 species of millipedes, underscores the importance of proactive pest management strategies.

Why Choose Pest Patrol Geelong for Millipedes


Pest Patrol Geelong stands out as your top choice for millipede pest control services.

With years of experience and a team of skilled and certified professionals, we pride ourselves on delivering reliable solutions tailored to your needs. We handle your millipede problems with precision and care to ensure our commitment to excellence.



Millipedes Control Tailored to Geelong's Unique Environment

Our millipede control services are uniquely tailored to the specific challenges posed by Geelong’s environment. We understand the local conditions and implement strategies that effectively address millipede infestations. Pest Patrol Geelong ensures that your home remains free from millipedes, promoting a comfortable and pest-free living environment.


Signs of Millipedes at Your Place:

Detecting millipedes at your place is crucial for timely intervention. These pests often leave nuanced signs of their presence. If you notice sudden increases in millipede activity or encounter these creatures in unexpected places, it’s time to seek professional assistance. Millipedes typically live between 7 and 10 years, so understanding their behaviour can help manage infestations effectively.


Increased Millipede Sightings:

If you've noticed a sudden surge in millipede sightings around your home, especially in areas like basements, crawlspaces, or garden beds, it may be a clear indication of an infestation.


Unusual Gathering Spots:

Moisture attracts millipedes, and finding them in unusual gathering spots could indicate an infestation. It is likely that they thrive in moist environments, such as leaky pipes, soggy mulch, or waterlogged soil.


Damage to Plants and Garden

Millipedes primarily feed on decomposing plant matter, but they can cause damage to living plants if their population becomes excessive. If you've observed nibbled leaves, seedlings, or stems in your garden, millipedes could be the culprit.

Comprehensive Millipede Pest Control: Your Partner in Protection

Pest Patrol Geelong offers comprehensive millipede pest control, prioritising your protection against these unwanted invaders. Our services go beyond eradication, addressing health and structural risks associated with millipedes. Our eco-friendly techniques ensure a safe environment for your family and pets. With same-day assistance, we are your trusted partners in pest protection.


Health and Structural Risks:

Millipedes can pose health and structural risks. Our services prioritise eliminating these risks for a safer living space.


Eco-Friendly Techniques:

We employ environmentally conscious methods, minimising the impact on the ecosystem while effectively controlling millipedes.


Safe Treatments for All:

Our treatments are safe for your family and pets, ensuring a pest-free home without compromising on safety.


Same Day Assistance:

Pest emergencies require immediate attention. With our same-day assistance, we promptly address your millipede concerns.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Curious about millipede pest control? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions.
How do I know if I have a millipede infestation?

Look out for signs of their existence in your potted plants. These include holes, shed exoskeletons, and droppings.

Are your treatments safe for pets?

Yes, our treatments are pet-friendly, ensuring the safety of your furry friends.

What Do Millipedes Eat?

Millipedes mostly eat decomposing stuff like leaves and dead wood. They’re helpful in natural cycles because they break down plant matter that’s already been broken down by tiny organisms.

What preventive measures do you recommend?

We provide customised pest management plans to prevent future infestations.

Are your methods environmentally friendly?

Absolutely, our eco-friendly techniques prioritise the health of your home and the environment.

Are Australian Millipedes Poisonous?

None of these millipedes are documented to be poisonous to humans. A millipede also won’t bite you, but the toxins of some species can cause skin symptoms.



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