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Eradicate Moths and Their Larvae From Our Pest Control Service!

Are you concerned about the moth attack? Although the moths are not dangerous, some can cause irreparable damage to your belongings. The moth larvae will spoil the food in your pantry. All these will lead to a frustrating nuisance. By consulting our moth exterminator, you can get rid of these pests instantly.

We have a super specialised and qualified team who are experts in eradicating moths safely out of your property. We will start with an initial inspection to understand the severity of your condition. Contact us today to get relief from moth pests.

Trustworthy and Reliable Moth Control Service!

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Since our service establishment, we focused on effective treatments and safe practices at the same time. We assure our clients that they will never be disappointed with our service. We ensure the moths and their larvae are completely out of the property and surrounding. So you can trust us to get a reliable service.

Our team specialises in pest control methods and treatments. Our experts in moth pest control are educated on adult moths and their larvae. They know how to use the right technique to control moths at every stage of their life.



Contact Us and Get Our Moth Control Service Instantly!

Consult us to get a quote based on your requirements. We always stay updated with calls and emails to respond to our clients quickly. If you need a same-day service, we will make our team available for it by prioritising the task. We never delay our response regarding booking.
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How Our Expert Will Help You Get Rid Of Moths?

Do you want to know how our service will be helpful to you? We follow a planned process with detailed inspection. Our treatments of moths control Geelong include the following procedure;
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Inspection of Moths and Larvae

We will perform an inspection to locate the adult moths and their breeding area. Our experts will find out the larvae at every corner of your property.

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Treatment by Exterminator

After investigation, our exterminator will kill and eradicate the adult moths and their larvae. Based on their life cycle stage, the treatment solution will be applied.

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Observation and Prevention

Once the treatment is applied, we will observe the results and accordingly apply preventive treatments. We will make sure the larvae residues are wiped off completely.

Get Quick Relief From Moths With Our Pest Control Service!

We follow specialised techniques to kill flying insects like moths. We assure you that you will get a quick and long-lasting result.


Instant Moth-Free Surrounding

Your complete surroundings will be moth-free under our service treatment

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Guaranteed Long-Term Results

You will notice guaranteed results for a long time without any disappointment.

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Emergency Service Availability

We will be available 24/7 to serve you during emergency situations.

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Fully Insured and Warranty Service

Our moth control service is insured to offer necessary protection and safety.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Moth Control

Here is the section of FAQs related to our Moth Control Services. Go through them and fetch the required details.

How much does a moth control exterminator charge?

At Pest Patrol Geelong, moth control is included in the general pest control plans. But, the price will vary based on specific requirements.

Will you offer both interior and exterior inspection?

Yes, we will perform both interior and exterior inspections, including your backyard, garden and other areas.

Do you offer moth control service for all its lifecycle stages?

Yes, we eradicate moths in all their four stages, including egg, larva, pupa, and adult.

What can I use to kill moths inside mothballs?

You can use pheromone moth traps to attract and kill the moths.

Is your moth control service fully insured?

Yes, our moth control service is insured. Our experts will make sure that they won’t cause any structural damage to your property.

Why do moths frequently enter my house?

Moths will enter houses through windows, vents, doors and cracks in walls and foundations. Also, infested grain and pet food attract moths.

Where can I locate the moth easily inside my property?

You can locate the moth on walls and near light bulbs, lamps, televisions, or other electronic devices.

How will I prepare my property before the moth control treatment?

Make sure all your surfaces are free of dust and debris. Clean them properly. This will help our experts to apply the chemical sprays efficiently.

What to do during the serious moth infestation stage?

During the serious moth infestation stage, seek us to get our professional team’s help, who will help you get rid of them instantly.

How should I consult you to get your service?

To get our service, call us at 0466 205 205 or send us an email at



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