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Locally Trusted and Guaranteed Bees Pest Control Service!

Pest Patrol Geelong is at your service to offer high-quality and 100% guaranteed pest control methods. If you are fed up with bees around your property, backyard, or garden, consult our expert team today. We follow eco-friendly and safe bees pest control methods. So, you can count on our service to get rid of bees instantly. 

We offer quality tested and safest pest control treatments to kill bees. We assure you that your surroundings will be free from flying insects, and you will continue living in a hygienic environment. 

Our Highly Trained Professional Will Give You a Pest-Free Environment!


Our expert bees killer team has undergone specialised training to combat pest infestation. They have knowledge of various pest control methods and treatments. Moreover, we follow the safety protocols to remove the pests from your surroundings.

Our team will immediately visit you during emergencies for an immediate solution for bees control in Geelong.  We will make sure that your environment is completely free of insects. We will also go for special treatment in case of heavy pest invasion.


Get Rid of Bees Instantly With Our Pest Control Measures

Pest Patrol Geelong follows a comprehensive method of effective bee control and removal. Starting from inspection to prevention, we take care of everything.

A Holistic Bee Control Approach

We follow an in-depth method of pest control with the stepwise procedure to remove bees from your property. Each step will be supervised by our expert team to give our client a satisfactory outcome.

Survey and Inspection

Our professional pest exterminator will conduct an inspection of your entire property to determine the level of bee infestation. Based on the survey, the treatment will be further decided.


Treatment and Observation

We offer various types of treatment, including Same-day and emergency bee control based on the severity. Along with the treatment, we will observe the results.



Finally, our team try their best to prevent further infestation. We will block the entry points, and the complete eradication of bees is guaranteed.

Best Bee Control Service Provider In Your City!

Since our business establishment, we have aimed to offer best-in-class pest control to our clients. No matter how challenging the situation is, our experts will do their best to offer you a safer living place.


Faster Bee Removal

We offer faster bee removal services with our exclusive treatments.

Flying Insects

Certified Service

Our pest control service is certified and approved to offer the service to various properties.


On-Time Emergency Visit

We never delay for emergencies; our team will reach you on time.


Prioritises Safety

We prioritise the safety of your property and family members while providing our service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the questions usually asked by our clients regarding bee infestation and our pest control service. This information will be helpful for you to know more about our service.

At what places on the property do the bees nest?

Bee hives are usually found on the walls, ceilings, chimneys, floor edges and roofs. 

Will your service save the bees?

We are a complete bee control service. We follow chemical treatments to kill the bees and remove them from your property.

Can your service do a live removal of bees?

As per the client’s demand, we can proceed with a live removal. We will safely remove the hive and wax from your property. In some cases, where it is not accessible, we will eradicate the bees. 

Does your bee removal service offer a guarantee?

Yes, our service guarantees complete bee removal, so you can rest assured that no bees will ever return to your property. Our service is fully licensed and insured. We offer complete nest removals as long as all areas are properly closed and sealed.

Is your pest control service available 24/7?

Yes, our pest control service is available 24/7. 

Will you guarantee that my property will not be affected?

We follow safe and secure practices to remove bees from the building. We make sure that our service will not cause any structural damage to your property. If, in the worst case, anything happens, we will be liable for it.

What makes your service different from other pest control services?

We follow a comprehensive method following safety protocols, which makes us different. We investigate, treat and prevent the pests.

Do you offer cost-effective solutions for bee control services?

Yes, our service packages are affordable. The price may vary based on the specific requirements of the clients.

Will you offer a customised pest control service?

Yes, we offer customized pest control services based on the necessity of the client, building structure and accessibility.

Can I consult your team?

Just leave a message from our site, and we will respond to you immediately.



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