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Get Professional Beetles Pest Control Service in Geelong?

Beetles infestation is unpredictable at times. You never know when a couple of them arrive at your property and start breeding. Save your property from beetle invasion by hiring Pest Patrol Geelong. We have successful records of eradicating beetles from small to complex building structures. We are a reputed and trusted pest control service provider in Geelong. 

We follow proven techniques to remove beetles from the properties. We make sure no harmful treatment or methods are followed that will cause any damage to your property or your family’s health. 

Let Our Expert Beetle Killers Take Care Of Your Property!


Meet our professional beetles exterminator at Pest Patrol Geelong. We follow advanced practices to remove flying insects like beetles from your surroundings. The experts will examine and then proceed with the right treatment method for your property.

Our experts are trained in effective methods along with control and safety measures for beetles pest control. We also clean all the areas affected by beetles and spray them with chemical solutions. 


Remove Beetles Instantly From Your Property With Our Expert Team!

Pest Patrol Geelong will reach your place immediately as soon as we get your service request. If it is an emergency, we will prioritise visiting your place and instantly remove the beetles. Consult us to get a quote!

We Follow a Comprehensive Beetle Control Method

Our methods of beetles control Geelong include completing an exclusive process. Our service starts with a detailed initial consultation to complete the prevention of beetles from your property.

Consultation and Inspection

During on-call consultation, we will try to know your requirements to eradicate the bee hives. It is then followed by an overall survey and inspection of the infestation stage.

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Beetle Treatment

Based on the beetle infestation stage and severity, we will decide the treatment type on your property. We will make sure the treatments give the best result.


Observation and Prevention

Once treatment is over, we observe the results and then apply preventive measures. Our service will make sure that the beetles will never return back.

Assured and Guaranteed Beetle Control Service In Your City!

Our beetle control service assures you of guaranteed results. We also ensure that the beetles will never return with our effective spraying solution and sealants. 

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Quick Beetle Removal

We will kill and eradicate the beetles quickly out of your property.


Guaranteed Service

We offer 100% guaranteed service, which limits future infestation.

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Same-Day Eradication

We also offer same-day eradication services in case of emergencies.


Improves Hygiene

With our service, we also ensure to improve hygiene in your surroundings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the frequently asked questions by our clients regarding beetle invasion and our service. The below information will help you get the necessary information you are looking for.

Will your beetle control service be available at any time?

Yes, our experts are available all the time to offer our service at any time and anywhere. 

How will I save my property from beetle infestation?

You can save your property from beetles by cleaning your kitchen area. Make sure food leftovers are removed because they attract beetles. 

Can I consult to hire your service?

To contact us, simply visit our site or leave a message. You can also contact us through mail or call and immediately get a response from our team.

Is your service experienced in beetle control?

Yes, we are experienced in beetle control. Our experts are trained to combat different categories of beetles. We have been practising the proven treatment methods for years.

Is your beetle control service fully insured?

Yes, our beetle control service is fully insured. We make sure that during the process your property is not harmed or any potential damage is not caused to your property or family. We hold the liability for any damage that occurs from our side. 

Do you use certified safety products and tools for beetle control?

Yes, we use only certified products that deliver effective solutions. All our chemical solutions and equipment are quality tested and safety checked. 

Will I get a personalised pest control service based on my requirements?

Yes, of course, we are ready to offer personalised solutions to our clients as per their building requirements. Based on the customisation, the service package will vary.

I don’t prefer any toxic chemical treatment on my property; what will I do about this?

Our service does not use any toxic treatment that can cause hazards. If you are highly concerned about your pet and children, we will help you with non-toxic alternatives. 

Can you give some suggestions to prevent beetles in the future?

Yes, replace and discard waste foodstuffs and fabric items. Make sure your lighting condition is not attracting the beetles. You can also use an insecticide spray.

Is there any natural remedy for removing beetles?

Yes, you can use peppermint oil spray to remove beetles. 



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