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Crawling Insect - Silver fish

Expert Silverfish Control Geelong

Do you have silverfish running riot in your Geelong house or workplace? You will want Pest Patrol Geelong to be your first contact. Always count on us as your reliable local professionals who offer customized silverfish control activities. As a team, we appreciate that silverfish pests are faced with various challenges in Geelong, and therefore, we are committed to providing an all-in-one solution to make your place safe for silverfish. Silverfish are pros in peekaboo which involves understanding their habits and discovering their hiding spots.
We know what silverfish patterns are and how they behave. We will find their nests and administer a blend of pesticides on them as well as destroy their egg nests. Ensure they don’t come back by mending all water leaks which promote dampness, and checking furniture bought in and old books before purchasing them.

Silverfish Pest Control

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These are small, silvery insects that can be found in various areas of Australia. They look like fish, a flattened, scaleless and tapered cylindrical body towards the end, which is directed backwards.

They are known for their destructive eating habits. These creatures chew on costly objects that contain starch or cellulose like books, photographs, paintings, preserved foods, and carpets. Silverfish can be quite annoying, especially in large aggregations and they have to be dealt with by professionals in damp and dark corners.

Though there is no health risk with silverfish, they damage property significantly, hence resulting in enormous losses. They like living in dark places, which are not disturbing them and can be hiding on rafters, walls, and underfloor carpet edges at one time. This is what we deliver:


Silver Fish

Our Geelong Silverfish Control Services

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Local Expertise

We are local people and therefore, we understand the different types of silverfish that prevail in Geelong. We utilise our local knowledge to pinpoint and eliminate silverfish outbreaks.
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Thorough Inspection

Our specialists carry out close examinations of your place and determine how severe your problems with silverfish are.

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Customised Treatment Plans

Silverfishes invade every property differently as properties are different. We design individual therapy programs using proven techniques to eradicate the silverfish without endangering your family or pets.

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Environmentally Friendly Solutions

We employ environment friendly pest management and design our solutions towards minimal environmental damage thus making us the best option for silverfish control.

Why Choose Us for Silverfish Control Geelong?

Local Understanding : Local knowledge makes it easy for us to appreciate the challenges for silverfish control and hence offer relevant solutions at hand.


Responsive Service

Silverfish control is important. We know how sensitive it becomes to you therefore, we are always willing to help in the most efficient way possible.

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Affordable and Transparent Pricing

We operate on a principle of honest payment policy for Silverfish Control. Our representatives would have given you an estimate that showed what all the cost entails before we start any work.

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Customer-Centric Approach

Your satisfaction is our priority. You are always informed as it happens at each stage of the silverfish battle plan. We aim to make our services enjoyable and stress-free.

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Preventive Measures and Education

Going beyond extermination, we provide prevention and advice on how to keep your place free of these nasty creatures forever.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Where do silverfish hide?

Silverfish are common in logs, barks, fallen leaves around tree trunks and stumps from time to time When they go indoors, they can take refuge within books and in carpets and stored goods. They also prefer dark and uncrowded places such as roof voids. Adult silverfish usually have a body length of about 15 mm. This makes them ideal for hiding in cracks and crevices during the daytime.

I should know whether I require proper treatment for removing silverfish.

Silverfish can be found in many locations throughout Australia; controlling these pesticides requires expert services. This is because they are nocturnal, and sometimes even harder to catch. The Pest Patrol Geelong Team will locate where they are nesting and apply chemical treatment to that area.

What can I do to make sure there are no silverfish?

Frequently examine every corner that appears dark in and around your house, especially bookshelves and cupboards. Ensure you check for silverfish in case of second-hand furniture and books too. Have all leaky pipes and taps fixed; this damp area serves as an ideal habitat for silverfish breeding.



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