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Hire Pest Patrol Geelong For Mosquito Control Service!

Mosquitoes are a big headache. No one likes to get bitten by mosquitoes and midges. This can lead to deadly diseases. Moreover, climate conditions have become favourable in Geelong to be hospitable to mosquitoes. You can get rid of irritating mosquitoes with our highly effective mosquito treatment.

Our qualified expert team is available 24/7 days to reach you and offer our pest control service. Our professionals have knowledge of various mosquito species and custom fit the treatment to kill and prevent their breeding. If you want to learn more about how we can help you with the mosquito problem, consult our team today!

Approved and Proven Treatment To Combat Mosquitoes!

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Our service of mosquito control Geelong prioritises using approved and proven techniques to invade their breeding. We also prioritise the safety of your pets, children, and property during our treatment process. Moreover, we make sure to follow eco-friendliness.

With our service guarantee, we are confident in our practices. If in case the mosquitoes come back, we will re-treat your property without any charge.


Mosquitoes & Midges

Get In Touch With Our Team, And Our Experts Will Be At Your Doorstep!

Contact us through our site by leaving a message, or you can us by calling 0466 205 205 or sending us an email at We will reach you immediately to book your appointment and schedule our visit. After the service confirmation, our experts will be at your place to help you get rid of the mosquito problem.

Here’s Our Comprehensive Mosquito Control Procedure

We follow a fully comprehensive process to help with mosquito and midge fly control. Below are the procedures our expert follows.
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Inspection of Your Property

Our qualified experts will assess your property and suggest necessary recommendations related to the mosquito activity inspected. Also, they will find out the hot spot areas.

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Targeted Application

Our mosquitoes control treatments with precise application targeting mosquitoes from their source. It will effectively reduce the mosquito population for months to come.

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Weekly and Monthly Treatments

We offer targeted weekly and monthly applications to offer our clients long-term relief. Our treatment will result in building a protection layer to prevent mosquitoes.

Get Satisfied Results With Our Mosquito Control Service!

We make sure our service offers satisfactory results to our clients. We use the best treatments to invade the mosquito breeding areas. We promise you that you won’t suffer from mosquito bites further with our treatment.

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Instant Mosquito Treatment

Get instant relief from mosquitoes from our treatment and applications.

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Mosquito-Free Living All Season Long

We ensure that our treatments offer mosquito-free environments for a long period.

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Noticeable Results

You can notice the results from the first day itself.

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Preventive Treatments

Our service ensures to offer preventive aids to restrict mosquito breeding.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Mosquito Control

Go through the frequently asked questions on our mosquito control service. This Q&A section will help you get the necessary information about the service and treatment.

Where are you offering your mosquito control service?

We offer our mosquito control service throughout the regions of Geelong. So, anywhere from the city, you can consult us to get our service.

How long will it take to get the work done?

We do not follow any specific time period. It depends on the property type, infestation stage severity, and sites of treatment. Anyhow, our team tries to get it done within the same day.

How much does your mosquito control service cost?

The cost of our service varies based on different factors such as treatment applied, tools used, and time taken to eradicate them completely.

Are you providing same-day service for mosquito control?

Yes, we also offer same-day mosquito control service based on the severity and emergency.

How will I get rid of mosquitoes permanently?

To permanently get rid of mosquitoes, dump standing water around your property, landscape your backyard and keep some natural predators.

How to keep mosquitoes away from the living and bedroom?

Try to maintain fly screens on doors, vents, windows and chimneys. Also, use insecticide sprayers both indoors and outdoors to kill mosquitoes. 

Do you instantly repel mosquitoes?

Yes, with our high-end chemical treatments, sprayers and tools we instantly repel mosquitoes out of your property.

How long does your mosquito repel treatment work?

Our mosquito repel treatment will last for 4 to 8 weeks. If you need more long-lasting treatments, we will custom-fit the solution to meet your requirements.

What time of the day should I spray mosquito repellents?

Spray mosquito repellents during dusk when mosquitoes are out in search of food.

How long does the treatment take to dry?

The mosquito control treatment takes around 20 to 30 minutes to dry. You have to wait until it dries and avoid re-applying or wiping it off.



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