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Battling House Fly Infestation: Tips and Solutions for a Fly-Free Home

For most homeowners, a house fly infestation is an ongoing problem that they have to deal with during the warmer months. The little winged interlopers not only bother us with their persistent hissing but also act as disease-carrying agents. 

Get prepared with the help of Pest Patrol Geelong to say goodbye to those annoying house flies. Pest Patrol Geelong is the perfect solution for controlling a house fly infestation. They are experts in gentle but highly efficient treatments to get rid of these bothersome intruders without any collateral damage. We explore simple tips and solutions, backed by the knowledge of Pest Patrol Geelong, that your house will be fly-free.

house fly infestation
Silence the Buzz: Your Journey to a Fly-Free Home Starts Here!

Understanding the Pesky House Fly

But prior to discussing the approaches of house fly invasion, we must explain our little warriors. House flies are opportunistic insects that dwell well in hot regions. They tend to gravitate toward food sources around them, particularly those that may need to be handled more carefully, like garbage bins full of rotten fruits and unfinished meals. First, we will examine realistic methods of ousting these unwelcome visitors from our homes.

Identify and Eliminate Breeding Sites

To begin with, it is necessary to detect and get rid of the possible nesting places for domestic flies. Trash should be disposed of regularly; garbage bins need to have hermetically sealed lids, and the environment around them ought to remain clean. You make your home less attractive to house flies by eliminating these neat spots.

Power of DIY Traps

The making of homemade fly traps is cost-effective and challenging. A simple yet powerful weapon is this sugar and vinegar combination trap. Place a cup with this potion in fly-infested spaces, and observe as the refreshing flavour attracts them while vinegar captures them.

Employ Natural Repellents

Some scents are unpleasant to house flies: you can use this fact. Natural fly repellents include citrus, eucalyptus and mint. Placing some slices of citrus fruits or using cotton balls that have been saturated in eucalyptus oil strategically around the house can create an unwelcoming atmosphere for such pests.

Keep Windows and Doors Screened

A proactive approach is the prevention of flies from entering your house. Install screens on windows and doors to allow free air circulation yet keep out the flies. It is a simple but efficient fortification that provides additional safety from these flying intruders.

Maintain Clean Pet Areas

If you have pets, the food bowls and litter boxes for your pets may attract flies. Ensure you have sanitary pet areas, keep them regularly clean and dispose of waste quickly. Also, try using fly-repelling plants such as basil or mint around these spaces. This not only reassures the well-being of your pets but also helps get rid of flies.

Try Commercial Fly Control Products

As an alternative, you can use commercially available fly-management products. Flypaper strips, electric fly zappers, or baited traps are suitable for regulating the number of flies. These products are easy to use and can be distributed in places that one thinks best will prevent or reduce the infestation.

Regularly Clean Indoor Plants

House flies reside on indoor plants. This is achieved by periodically cleaning plant pots, getting rid of dead leaves and preventing them from being overwatered. This not only repels flies but also promotes the indoor plant’s health.

Pest Patrol Geelong: Your Expert Fly Control Partner

Pest Patrol Geelong is your trusted accomplice in fighting a house fly invasion. They deal with house fly infestations regardless of whether it is in sewage lines, drain lines or right inside your property near kitchens and washrooms using customised and potent solutions. Turn to Pest Patrol Geelong for specialised treatment plans aimed explicitly at battling house fly infestation.


In conclusion, making a fly-free home requires keeping the house clean and organised. Adopting these straightforward yet practical suggestions and solutions not only relieves the initial nuisance caused by house flies but also leads to a safer environment for you and your loved ones. 

With Pest Patrol Geelong, your way to a pest-free future becomes even more safe and pleasant. So, get ready and follow these simple steps to put an end to the irritating noise. 

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