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Get rid of fly infestation on your property with expert solutions from professionals!

Are you worried about fly infestation around your property? Has it become a matter of concern now? You can immediately get rid of this problem by hiring flies control professionals. Pest Patrol Geelong is at your service to offer expert solutions to remove flies from your property immediately. Our service ensures to offer quality service with highly preventive measures to give you a files-free hygiene environment. Starting from the inspection to the application of pest control solutions, we take care of the entire process. 

So, if you are looking for a professional’s help, our Pest Patrol Geelong will be your ultimate solution. 

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Swift Solutions, Fly-Free Living: Your Property Deserves the Best!

Here’s how professionals help in eradicating flies!

The expert solution for flies control starts from the root. The professional team will identify the root cause of the fly’s infestation and then proceed accordingly. The comprehensive files control process includes Identification, Inspection, Treatment, and Prevention. 

Identifying Cause 

Before proceeding with any control treatment, it is highly recommended to identify and ensure what type of fly you are dealing with. Is that a house fly and any other kind of fly? Keep in mind that houseflies differ from cluster flies and fruit flies, which are grey and black and a little long. This is why it is necessary to hire professionals, as they can identify the type of flies. 

Detailed Inspection 

After proper identification, the expert team will move forward with the inspection process. Usually, the flies get attracted to moisture and decomposing matter. Hence, the professionals will target the pinpoint of the suspected decomposing materials that are attracting flies. Mostly, fly infestations occur indoors in garbage cans, spoiled food, litter boxes, or near kitchens and bathrooms. The experts at Pest Patrol Geelong will conduct a detailed inspection to find out the hotspots of fly infestation.

Quality Treatment 

Once the inspection process confirms the house fly infestation, the treatment should begin. You need to identify the source of rot or dirt that attracts house flies to your home, disinfect the area, and use fly traps and insecticides to kill the house flies.

It is instructed to read the product labels before using any pest control chemical solution or sprays. Wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) is mandatory to stay safe. Therefore, hiring professionals will be an extremely safe option as they are aware of the application of chemicals. 

Prevention From Future Infestation 

Once the flies are eliminated from your property, make sure they don’t return. Follow the expert advice to regularly sanitize your home and keep your property both indoors and outdoors as clean as possible to avoid flies. It is recommended to clean countertops and food serving surfaces regularly. Mop and vacuum regularly to prevent germs and debris from accumulating in your home. If you have pets, be sure to clean up their living space and ensure the yard doesn’t fill up with feces. Apart from this, feel free to consult Pest Patrol Geelong; the experts will assist you with preventive measures to eliminate the chances of future infestation. 

Check Out Professional Strategies and Methods of Flies Control 

Professionals at our pest control services use proven and result-driven methods to remove and kill flies. Let’s check out the methods in detail;

Physical Pest Control Method

In physical pest control, a wide variety of options are included. For example, using physical tools, equipment, and other procedures like sealing cracks and setting traps.

Barrier and Exclusion 

Barriers and exclusion methods are physical methods that create boundaries. Hence, it blocks pests from entering the property or crossing it. For example, a window screen is a physical method that keeps flies out but still maintains the airflow.


In physical methods, traps and capture devices are used to eliminate pests by deceiving and ensnaring them. Our professional services have high-quality trapping devices that never fail. 

Chemical Pest Control Method

Professionals are trained to prepare the solution and use the right equipment to apply or spray them. They will combine insecticides with other methods as part of a comprehensive fly management plan. This way, you can get the most benefit from using the least amount of pesticide. They will spray the solution throughout the property but also consider safety practices to not harm your pets and children. 

How Does Professional Flies Control Service Help You Save Money and Time?

You can save huge money by hiring trained staff for flies control rather than opting for DIY methods. This is because DIY methods can lead to inappropriate solutions due to your lack of knowledge. Professional treatment is valuable as it will save time, and you do not have to wait for a longer time to get back to your property. Their expertise and experience will help you meet your hygiene requirements. Moreover, you will get an assurance of zero chances of fly infestation for a longer time. So, get in touch with Pest Patrol Geelong to get their fully insured and reliable service. 

To get more details about our service, contact us at 0466 205 205.

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