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How to Enjoy Midge Fly-free Barbecue in the Garden?

If the continuous buzzing of midges is bothering you, it’s time to bid farewell to them. Let Pest Patrol Geelong take care of them for you. We will provide you with innovative solutions for midge fly control. The bother of these pests can spoil the fun of meals and gatherings in the garden, taking away the joy of the moment. Now, with our help, you can regain your calm and make sure these tiny pests don’t spoil your outdoor fun.

Midge fly control
Buzz-Free Bliss: Your Garden, Our Expert Midge Defense!

When You Need to Call for These Services?

Troublesome invasion: If the midge count becomes too much to bear, it’s time for an effective midge fly control. The heavy infestation would cause a lot of harm to your belongings, personal space, and garden. So, it is a signal to call for professional services, as it will save you time and reduce discomfort.

Reoccurence: If this problem comes over and over, it could be because the midge fly control is lacking because they have secret nests. In this case, call the professionals to identify and eliminate the pests at their source.

Risk of diseases: You need not compromise if the presence of midges is disturbing your quality of life. Just reach out to the professionals who will provide you with an immediate solution. These pests can cause health problems like skin irritation and certain viral diseases:

  • Bluetongue virus
  • African horse sickness virus
  • Epizootic hemorrhagic disease virus

Get Wise of our Expertise

  • Detail-Oriented Excellence: The excellent quality of our services shows how well we do our job, proving that they work really well. We also have reliable customer chains as a testament to our quality.
  • Availability of technicians: Our experts provide you with customised services for productive midge fly control.
  • Premier services: At a competitive price, we provide you with excellent services. We ensure you top-notch pest control solutions at budget-friendly prices.
  • Friendly services: Our products do not cause harm to plants and animals because they are tested.
  • Advanced technology: Our team provides you with dependable and fast services with the latest technology.
  • Educate our clients: We also share information with our clients on how to reduce pest problems. We also suggest some ways to tackle future issues.

Conquer the Midge Assault: By Some Preventive Measures

  • Discover Breeding Grounds: Look for damp zones in your home with extra moisture, such as sinks, drains, and potted plants.
  • Remove Excess Moisture: Fix pipes that are leaking and dry wet areas. Ensure good ventilation to decrease the moisture that attracts gnats.
  • Discard Decays: Maintain cleanliness and promptly dispose of any overripe or rotting fruits.
  • Craft vinegar traps: Place a small bowl of apple cider vinegar in the garden and add a few drops of soap to it. This will attract midges, and they will drown in it.”
  • Opt for Bright Attire: Choose white clothing to ward off insects, particularly in the evening, as dark colours tend to attract them.
  • Spray insect repellent: Use a repulsive spray that can be effective against midges.
  • Deploy tricky traps: Place a sticky, colourful trap close to your plants, as the yellow colour will attract the midges, and they will get stuck to it.
  • Repot your plants: Refill your plants with fresh soil if the infestation is severe; that helps in saying goodbye to midges’ fly eggs and larvae.

Significance of Midges

Midges, often overlooked tiny insects, play a crucial role in ecosystems. Despite their small size, midges contribute to pollination. It is an important food source for wildlife and birds. Surprisingly, some midge larvae are employed in wastewater treatment, as they help break down organic matter. They are excellent indicators of water quality as their presence or absence can reflect environmental conditions. So, next time when you see them, appreciate their significance in maintaining ecological balance. It also supports various life forms, which proves that even tiny creatures can have a significant impact on the world around us.


Undoubtedly, the continuous hum of midge flies can be a source of irritation, but fear not! Midge fly control is the secret weapon that lets you enjoy your evening breeze. Exercising preventive measures can go a long way in managing the issue. If these tips don’t work, don’t worry! We are just a call away, and we’ll use our outstanding services to help with the annoying bugs.

If you have any queries or want to plan a consultation, you can contact us at 0466 205 205.

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