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What You Need to Know About Silverfish Control Geelong

Silverfish are fascinating arthropods from the group Apterygota and the species Lepisma saccharina, but you don’t need a lot of complicated words or scientific facts to know that these pests are in your home.  These pests damage clothing, paintings, books and other starchy household items. Don’t let their destructive eating habits go unnoticed; contact a pest control company that offers silverfish control Geelong services to get rid of these pests. 

silverfish control geelong
Silverfish? Not on Our Watch! Geelong’s Top Pest Control!

What is A Silverfish’s Identity? 

  • These bugs are about 12 to 19 mm long and are white, dark grey, or bluish-silver.
  • Their bodies are oval and long, and they have slippery scales that protect them from animals that would eat them.
  • They have curved bodies that look like fish or teardrops. 
  • The three thread-like tails at the end of their belly are the most noticeable, along with their silvery-grey colour.
  • Their thin, flexible bodies let them get into books, magazines, and books that are bound so they can feed on the glue inside without being seen until the damage is done. 

Items that Silverfish Consume: 

  • Silverfish like to eat books, papers, curtains, rugs, floors, furniture, clothes, drapes, dead bugs, and wallpaper.
  • They can also eat grains, pasta, flour, foods high in starch, dried beef, oats, and foods high in protein. Therefore, you can find them in home kitchens and stores.  

They also like to eat glue, paint, and book covers, which can also be dangerous for libraries. Another thing they can do is destroy old photos and drawings. So, if you see some silverfish, you shouldn’t ignore them as they may grow and multiply quickly. However, it is also essential to know that they may come back in more significant numbers, even if you think you have stopped them by feeding them for months. Because of this, it is wise to hire a silverfish pest control service in Geelong. 

Ways to Stop and Manage An Infestation of Silverfish? 

Are silverfish taking over your house? It’s easy to keep silverfish from coming into your home or business. Here are some things you can do right now. 

  • Let light and fresh air into every part of the rooms. Silverfish are likely to live in rooms that don’t get enough airflow and sunshine. 
  • Controlling the number of silverfish requires checking all the likely places where they might be hiding in the house.  
  • If the infection is only inside, it isn’t ancient and started when people brought in things already filled with bugs.  
  • Putting naphthalene balls in closets, kitchens, wardrobes, and any other place where silverfish are present might help. Additionally, silverfish and other insects don’t like the smell of these balls, making them easy to get rid of. 
  • When you clean your shake roof, you should also clean the rest.  
  • If you mix water and cedar oil in a spray bottle, you can use the oil that way. They don’t like the strong-smelling hormones in cedar. 
  • Another thing you can do is buy a fan for your home to control the humidity that helps silverfish grow. You can keep silverfish from entering your home and growing by maintaining the air levels inside. 
  • Fixing any plumbing problems in your home is essential since leaky taps and drains could give silverfish the water they need to prosper.  
  • Also, throw away or move any rugs, carpets, or wood logs with mould on them.  
  • Don’t put old, outdated magazines and books anywhere in your basement or garage. These things give silverfish the food they need to stay alive and grow.  
  • Keep grains, sugar, carbs, protein foods, and flour in jars and containers that won’t let air in. 
  • Check for piles of leaves, bushes, trees, and other unwanted plant material. Have it cut down and burned. Ensure that the outside of your house is clean and free of trash, garbage, or litter.

The Bottom Line

To sum up, if you have many silverfish in your home, call the professionals at Pest Patrol Geelong. The pros on our team have a lot of experience and are very good at what they do. They can find and treat pest problems. They also give you safety tips to keep infestations from happening again. Our teams only hire licenced and qualified pest control experts. We offer our services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so we can meet the needs of our clients whenever it’s most convenient for them. The people on our teams look around the house for signs of pests so they can treat the problem correctly. 

To make a meeting or talk to us, call us at 0466-205-205.

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