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Bird Pest Control Geelong

Tired of having Bird Pests that refuse to leave your Geelong property? Pigeons, seagulls, or other birds terrorising your premises, threatening hygiene and destroying structures? Your search for a company that offers Bird Pest Control in Geelong ends here. Consider our premium services at Pest Patrol Geelong.

Our advanced equipment and technology range from netting and spikes to full shock systems designed to guarantee that you will never encounter any disturbing or interfering birds at home or on your business premises. To ensure top-quality pest management for you, we customise multiple facetted treatments together with up-to-date digital pest tech, supported by our well-regulated, experienced personnel.

Solutions For Bird Pest Control


It is indeed relaxing to listen to the sounds of birds as they sing outside the house; however, allowing them to take up residence around the house will lead to permanent inconveniences, psychogenic and irreparable damages. At Pest Patrol Geelong, we offer long-term and affordable treatments that are designed specifically for your property’s unique layout and functionality.

Our Integrated pest management utilises state-of-the-art technology aimed at preventive measures and addressing the root cause of pest issues to offer pest-free environments in commercial workplaces and buildings. We develop solutions to prevent, mitigate and control the risks associated with an attack by pests. We can start creating a custom package for your office immediately.


What Makes Us Different?

Let bird pests not have the liberty of taking over your house anymore. Do not hesitate to contact us for honest, reliable, and professional bird control in Geelong.


Experienced Staff:

Our experienced professionals have comprehensive knowledge of the nature of avian pests. Hence, we only recommend remedies that work for every specific case. Therefore, we are mindful of the specific difficulties for every bird kind and are amending our strategies for bird control.
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Compassionate Approaches:

Our bird management strategy is based on humane and ethical approaches. These approaches will only serve to deter the birds from your property, and we do not cause any harm to them, thereby taking care of both your premises and avian pests.


Customised Solutions:

All properties have their unique challenges presented by bird pests. We are personal-based, undertaking comprehensive evaluations to design tailor-made alternatives corresponding to your challenges.

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Cutting-Edge Technology:

Be the first flock by using our sophisticated bird control in Geelong. We employ all contemporary technology, ranging from complicated obstacle systems down to high-performance detractors, providing the lasting results people expect.

Our Geelong Bird Pest Control Services

Bird Nest Removal: Eliminate nest building by removing existing nests and prevent future nesting to get away with the core solution. The crew has expertise in taking out nests safely and according to the set animal protection code.

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Using Deterrents:

Deterrence is a non-lethal way of eliminating birds by using devices like spikes, nets, and sound equipment, which makes it difficult for birds to roost or even nest in your place.


Cleaning and Sanitation:

Moreover, birds may deposit their droppings, which can pose health issues. Our comprehensive bird control program ensures that your property is cleaned, disinfected, and safe for use after we have eliminated the birds.

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Consultation and Prevention:

Our commitment does not end with the removal of bird pests. We have experienced knowledge which can allow you to take preventive measures for the protection of the property from invasions by avians.

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Client Satisfaction:

Client satisfaction is our main priority. We give you a guarantee on our bird pest control in Geelong with an option for ongoing support if needed to ensure that you have no worries at all.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the most cost-effective ways to control birds?

Netting is the strongest and most economical solution in terms of duration. Our professionals will set up a sturdy stainless steel wired system around our issue region using high-grade and durable netting. We have a strong net that cannot be torn apart because it is made of polyethylene with ultraviolet ray resistance features, manufactured by modern technologies. Besides, they are available in different colours and sizes depending on your needs concerning the type of birds.

When should one opt for professional Bird control over self-installation?

We use appropriate methods that are cost-effective for us as well as for you. This method is cheap, but it involves strenuous labour and costly materials. Besides, our type of damage control systems will not harm buildings but rather prevent their structure from collapsing, while yours can also cause additional harm to buildings.

What are some of the frequent problems arising out of bird pests?

Australia might be known for its gorgeous animals, but invasive species that come into metro towns can gnaw out window frames, doorknobs and wiring; they also spread diseases, mites, bacteria, and sound alarms and harm your image through all kinds of ways.



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