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Expert Bug Control Services in Geelong

Do you find bugs and insects hanging out at your house? Professional bug control experts at Pest Patrol Geelong can restore your peace of mind and take back control. As a bug exterminator, we know the peculiar pest problems of the area where we work and offer targeted solutions to keep your house or workplace free of those troublesome critters!

Do you need cheap but efficient pest control all through Australia? Prevent pest infestations at your home or business in Geelong. For all your needs for consistent, dependable, and safe pest management solutions, trust us. Call us today for a consultation, and we will come up with a tailored protection strategy against undesirable insects that may threaten your property. Have a worry-free and bug-free life with our premier bug control professionals.

Professional Service And Expert Eradication


Our company is reputed for being a bug exterminator, a termite control expert, and an authority in pest management. We are an award-winning business associated with a straightforward attitude, Pest Patrol Geelong.Our expert, courteous technicians provide all of the leading pest control services in Geelong, arriving at your location on time, every time, to eliminate your pest problems. Don’t just take our word for it; we thoroughly work to our customer’s satisfaction.

Our team is equipped to handle every need and design a personalised approach for an insect-free life or workspace. You can trust our bug control services for a peaceful night without pests. Say goodbye to ants, cockroaches, rats, spiders, bedbugs, and other inconvenient insects.



Our Expert Bug Control Services in Geelong

Pest Patrol Geelong is at its best with all types of pest control. We use the most safe pest control and management service in our professional team that makes no mess and no fuss.


Residential Bug Control:

We offer tailor-made treatment plans to remove and get rid of household pests such as ants, spiders, cockroaches, and so on. Assured, family-friendly and nature-friendly methods.
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Commercial Bug Control:

We provide customised pest control programmes for all types of businesses, including commercial buildings, restaurants, and even warehouses. We also use flexible scheduling to ensure minimal interference with your business operations.

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Inspections and Treatments:

An extensive inspection is needed to determine the threats and dangers to your home. We protect your property from extensive damage with advanced termite control. It is prevention to stop termites, yet it is pocket-friendly

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Bed Bug Extermination:

Quick and effective elimination of bed bugs to get peace in your bedroom. Post-inspection measures to assure total elimination. We also provide tips on how to avoid future bed bug infestations.

Why choose us for bug control in Geelong?

Our award-winning Pest Patrol Geelong team goes the right way from the beginning. For this, we perform pest control examinations to detect your problem and eliminate any type of pest.

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Local Expertise:

Our team consists of indigenes who understand the specific pests that thrive in Geelong.

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Environmentally Friendly Practices:

Insects are our prime concern when it comes to ecologically safe bug management methods that do not put your child’s health or pet at risk.

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Customised Solutions:

Every property is unique. Our plans for controlling bugs are tailored according to your specific needs and fears.


Comprehensive Approach:

Our services range from inspections to treatments, as well as preventive measures for bug control.

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Experienced Technicians:

We have experienced certified technicians who ensure all aspects are taken care of concerning each bug control project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the symptoms of a bed bug infestation?

Bed bugs prefer your bed or cushions as their favourite hiding places at your house, in hotels, at the workplace, and on public transportation.

When you detect the following symptoms, it’s time for bed bug treatment:
1. You have bite marks on your skin.
2. Dark or rusty streaks on the bed and walls are frequently their excrement.
3. Blood smears on the elements of the bed.
4. In headboards, box springs, bed frames, and mattresses, there are egg shells and shed skins

How should I get ready for a bed bug treatment?

Don’t move any beds, furniture, or items on the day of the treatment. Leave it to your bug exterminator. Enter the treatment area only when the technician says it is safe to do so. They will advise you on when to hoover or use the area again.

How can I keep bed bugs from returning?

Wash all your bedclothes at a temperature of at least 60°C after the treatment. After a trip, always inspect your baggage before bringing it inside, especially if you slept in a common hostel. Also, be aware of buying used furniture; inspect old beds to ensure they don’t have any travellers!



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